What’s In It for You?

Name Recognition!

The Cafe Mediterranean is already associated with great tasting gyros, moussaka and moutabal.  People who visit our store know that they’re getting the best in Mediterranean cuisine this side of the world!

Original Concept!

We were the first to develop and present this particular cuisine.  The style of food is authentically Mediterranean.

Proven Business!

We have been in operation since 1993.  Since then we have generated a loyal following of satisfied customers.

Substantial Return on Investment!

When your restaurant runs the way the Cafe Mediterranean has designed it to run, you may get your return on investments in under two years!

Franchise Support

As a franchisee, we will provide you with:

Personnel Recruitment
Strong, proud disciplined managers empower our people to make decisions at the lower effective level.  We will assist in the selection and hiring of your first set of employees, from the Manager to the Crew Member.

We will provide the training of your manager and crew members:  This will cover:
1. Store operations
2. Customer service
3. Product flow controls
4. Financial management
5. Employee relations

Construction and Equipment
You can build the Cafe Mediterranean restaurant with our corporate contractors who are familiar with our corporate design.

Operating Assistance

We will be monitoring your restaurant’s performance and will provide support and assistance to your restaurant’s needs.

Qualifications and Investment

*Enterprising with a strong desire to succeed
*Must have a strong background in people skills
*Willing to undergo full-time training in restaurant operations
*Must be hands on and willing to give time to overseeing day-to-day operations

Estimated Total Outlay

Franchise Fee: Php 1,000,000
Basic Construction: Php 2-2.5M
Equipment: Php 600,000
Accessories (Furniture & Decor): Php 500,000
*Estimates are for a 50-75 sq. m floor area


Aside from construction costs, what are the other expenses involved in opening a store? 
There is a 5% royalty fee and a 1% marketing fee so we will collect a total of 6% of your gross sales.  Malls normally require a six month rental deposit (exact amount depends on the mall and the size of the space).

Can I still apply for a franchise even if I don’t have a site or location?
We can help you look for an ideal site as we get a lot of offers from different establishments.

Can a corporation apply for a a franchise?
Yes!  But the majority owner should be the representative of the franchise.

What is the floor area requirement?
Between 70 to 150 square meters

What is the expected Return of Investment (ROI)?
Several factors such as sales, market potential, investment cost and ability of the franchisee to control his operating expenses determine the ROI.  However if everything runs smoothly, you should expect your ROI in under 2 years.